JD Sprague

Meet JD Sprague, quarterback for the Mason High School varsity  football team. In the regular season Sprague compiled 21 touchdowns (9 rushing) and 1164 yards passing, second in the GMC. JD, welcome to The Hot Seat.

If I would have told you at the beginning of the year that you guys would have won by 28 against Sycamore to make it to the playoffs, what would you say to me?

It’s funny that you say that because in the off season Coach [Brian] Castner said it was going to come down to the  Sycamore game. [He said] that we are going to be playing Sycamore for something really big, whether it is getting to the playoffs or winning a GMC championship. In the beginning of the season we were really hoping it would be for a championship but it just so happens [the Sycamore game] was [to make] it to the playoffs. I didn’t expect the result [of winning 41-13] though.

Did you ever imagine the “black hole,” storming the field after the win against Sycamore?

No, it was awesome to see. Usually on senior night the players go run out and they jump up on the fence [of the student section], that’s [usually] where the interaction between the students come in but for the students to run out on the field, it was awesome. We felt good, not only for ourselves but we had all of the students behind us, celebrating with us.

 Besides your strong statistical year, what has this year meant to you?

The love for the game. I didn’t play sophomore year and that had a big effect on me. It’s really cliché to say ‘you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone,’ but when you take football away from me, it was a big deal. Now just being with my friends [on the team] has been a big part of this season.

Basketball or football?

It’s a tough choice but I like football better than basketball. I like everything that comes with football but basketball is still great. It has nothing to do with me wanting a spot light or me being the quarterback, with football it is just a different bond and different friendship with everybody, it is like you are kind of going to war with all your football guys.

 What are your goals for the St. Xavier game this Saturday?

It’s going to be a huge challenge, our goal is never to go into a game and think we might lose, we are going in the game wanting to win. They are a great team but we are a good team too, we’re just going in there to win.

-Interview by James Nosek