Waiting on the football team



With the boys’ basketball tryouts starting today there are a few things running through my mind. I’m excited for the season and how the team develops in the off-season but the issue is that the football team is still alive in the playoffs.

Head coach Greg Richards said yesterday that four possible varsity players and other underclassmen will be unable to try out due to their football involvement. The varsity players include seniors JD Sprague and Kevin Neihoff as well as juniors Drew Matula and Jalin Mayo.

I see a problem right there because Sprague was the starting point guard for the team last year, averaging 10.9 points a game and 4.1 assists per game. The first game of the season is on December 3rd so that doesn’t allow a lot of breathing room as it relates to preparation time.

It really is going to come down to the football team, depending how far they go in the playoffs. Even if the football team loses tomorrow night, these football players, especially Sprague, are going to be playing catch up as they prepare for the season. Transitioning from one sport to the next in a matter of a month and possibly even less than that is going to be tough; this will definitely be a challenge for the Comets as they get closer to the season.

I know Coach Richards wants to see the football team do well but at the same time he has to be hoping that when the football season wraps up, the football players can get back into basketball mode quickly.

-James Nosek