Connor McVey’s “Lucky” Injury




Who would have thought that a torn meniscus and a sprained MCL could be such a blessing? Well for junior Connor McVey, it has helped save his season and the Mason varsity basketball team’s for that matter.

After knee scope surgery today, McVey said the injury will take about three to four weeks to recover, and that right there is a blessing in disguise. “I’m very lucky it wasn’t a torn MCL,” McVey said.

With the first game on December 3rd, McVey should be ready for game time, head coach Greg Richards said today but obviously will be not 100%. This is an unfortunate injury just as the season is approaching and especially for McVey who is fighting for a possible starting spot on the team. Richards said senior Tim Reale will probably move back to the point guard position until McVey is totally recovered. Reale, who would be playing more of forward this year, according to Richards,  will have to step up for the few weeks while McVey is getting back to full strength.

It’s sad that this happened to McVey but this is probably the best situation for the Comets looking at the circumstances; it could be a lot worse. With the year quickly approaching, it looked like McVey’s injury and even senior JD Sprague’s football concussion could have ruined the start of the season but the Comets lucked out, Richards even called it “a positive.” Hopefully this is a strong vibe for the rest of the year.

-James Nosek