St. X’s Win Gives Comets More Credibility

James Nosek | Press Box Perspectives Editor/Columnist

St. Xavier defeated Colerain 28-15 last night in the second round of the OHSAA playoffs and sure this probably doesn’t mean that much to the Mason community but in fact, the Bomber’s win gives the Mason football program a lot more credibility.

Hear me out.

Just two Saturday’s ago, the Bombers beat Mason 17-6, we know that, but if we compare the scores in the last two St. Xavier wins, Mason fared better than Colerain. Mason only let up 17 points against St. X and even though running back Conor Hundley was hurt, the Comets held Bombers’ quarterback Griffin Dole to only 23 yards passing and no touchdowns. Colerain on the other hand, gave up 28 points against St. Xavier and allowed 114 yards, three touchdowns against Dole.

People have been throwing a lot of stuff around about why Mason lost to St. X just two Saturdays ago, they have blamed punter Marcus Otte; quarterback JD Sprague, running back Darryl Johnson, you name it, but are they really to blame?

When you think about it, it’s very hard to put the loss on these guys because St. Xavier deserves some credit, they are one great team and they showed that again this Saturday against the Cardinals.

I know Coach Brian Castner doesn’t want to hear this but really the truth is, St. Xavier is an overall better team, they are. I don’t want to downgrade Mason at all, they had a great season and they are a good team but sometimes the better team pulls out the victory.

So even though the Comets did lose to St. Xavier a few weeks ago, you have to look at who they lost to, a possible state champion and that right there is some credibility.