Dale “Nuts” Sveum takes over the Cubbies

James Nosek | Press Box Perspectives Editor/Columnist

“We need to go in another direction.”

Well the Cubbies finally found their man, or so they say. Dale Sveum, or “Nuts” as they call him, was officially announced as the 52nd manager in Chicago Cubs history today. The only thing you can really say to that is hope, the hope that he can turn around the organization.

Listening to Sveum’s press conference, I have to say I was impressed. Of course we heard the cliché press conference that happens every time but Sveum stood out to me. Sveum is a no non-sense guy who wants to win but wants to win the right way and that means he is sick of all the “BS” that takes place in this organization. It’s easy to tell by that shiny bald head of his.

Now Sveum admitted that he is not that experienced as a manager, he only has 16 games under his belt in the Majors when he was interim manager for the Brewers, but it’s his attitude that will make up for that.

Sveum didn’t talk that much but when he did, I think people listened. He talked about how he has been around baseball for about 30 years, he talked about the issues with the Cubs, mostly about the league leading 134 errors the Cubs had last year, and he talked about how “work ethic needs to change.”

It’s not hard to name some of the head cases that the Cubs have picked up over the years. Those arrogant, selfish players are exactly what Sveum is talking about and that’s why he won’t tolerate them this year, so you can pretty much say “bye bye” Carlos Zambrano.

Sveum is going to bring some order to the Cubbies clubhouse that hasn’t been present in a long time, or maybe ever. Trust me they need it.

He is very straight forward and that’s why he went out on the limb and said plainly that this team needs to buck up and “be accountable” for their actions.

Thank you Dale, you hit it right on the mark there.

Overall, I wasn’t sure about Dale Sveum, I even wrote a piece a few days ago saying that he was a huge uncertainty, but he is slowly growing on me. A good press conference can’t win games but he can win over Cubs fans, and I think they’re sold, at least for a few weeks.


President of Baseball Operations Theo Epstein: “[Sveum] knows the game inside and out. He expects a lot of his players and respects the game. He is the ideal person to grow with the organization.”

Executive VP and General Manager Jed Hoyer: “There was one candidate that stood out from the others; Dale was outstanding in every way.”

Manager Dale Sveum:“This organization has to change as far as how the game is played on a day to day basis; we need to go into another direction. First thing is playing a certain way every day; we need to address some of these problems.”