MHS Ice Hockey Team Routs Indian Hill 6-0

James Nosek | Press Box Perspectives Editor/Columnist

Indian Hill is a really a beautiful place. It has a population of about 6000, it’s home to notable residents like Neil Armstrong and Carson Palmer (or not so notable), the Indian Hill Winter Club is pretty elegant, and according to many sources, including the Mason High School Ice Hockey Coach Seth Knudsen, Indian Hill’s high school ice hockey team is “one of the best in the league.”

On any other day that statement could be true but against the Mason ice hockey team last night, those reports of Indian Hill being “one of the best teams in the league,” got flushed down the toilet.

Mason routed Indian Hill 6-0 last night, which frustrated them so much that it made this good Indian Hill team start fighting with themselves on the bench.

Two guys finished with two goals including Andy Marzheuser who Knudsen said was doubtful to even play before the game because of a sprained rib. Also you have to give credit to goalie Colin Heim who really had a tough job against Indian Hill, so many beautiful saves.

Chris Banks, an Indian Hill player, who Knudsen said is “probably the best player in the league”, was shut down all night, only getting limited touches and shots.

“Everybody is a good player until you pressure them,” Knudsen said. “We did a great job of shutting [Banks] down. Very proud of how we played not only defense but as a team.”

The Comets dominated the puck the whole game as they: attacked, attacked and attacked all game. “The biggest thing was we got the puck deep in the zone, we really played a big team game,” Knudsen said. Just in the first period Mason was so aggressive I started to wonder when one of these shots would get past the goalie and eventually it happened.

This game was used to take a lot of frustration out for Mason. Knudsen said they have come off some sup-par performances. He preached before the game for the Comets to “start fast” and they responded, scoring three goals in the third period.

It was hard to tell how Mason would bounce back this year after so many quality seniors graduated last year, but looking at the 5-1 record so far, this young team is on the rise and working over a tough team like Indian Hill is a great start.