Mason defeats Lebanon 70-49 (Stats and Analysis)



The Comets defeated Lebanon by 21 points which was pretty much expected but what was not expected is the way they came out and played tonight.

I was expecting a rusty, banged up team that would struggle early because of multiple injuries in the off-season but was I wrong, they came out hot early. It seemed like a totally different team from last year in the sense of their offensive game plan.

The defensive side of the ball is always there for Mason, head coach Greg Richards has been striving on defense every one of his 17 years coaching in Mason but tonight offensively Mason did some stuff that we haven’t seen in many years.

Just the beginning of the game was so fast-paced; so much pressure on Lebanon and that resulted in a bunch of first quarter steals and early buckets. The offense scored 70 points, okay, that happened last year more than once but this partially new “open” offense allowed great scorers like seniors JD Sprague and Darin Harris to have a little more freedom using their abilities.

I think it’s a very smart move by Richards to add this to the Comets’ arsenal, because they are still running flex, just in a little different way. I like how they are starting out with the open offense, having the guards trying to make something happen and if it goes hay-wire then get right into flex.

Mason did this perfectly and the score really speaks for that.



JD Sprague– 23 points (9/16), 4/5 FT’s, 4 steals

Darin Harris– 18 points (8/13), 8 rebounds, 5 steals

Michael Van Kluenen– 10 points (5/7), 3 rebounds, 1 block


Ben Espopsito– 12 points(3/6), 6/8 FT’s, 4 rebounds, 3 assists

Brandon Bishop– 8 points (8/8), 3 rebounds (off bench)

Zach Beckner– 7 points (2/5), 6 TO’s

-James Nosek