It Was Worse Than You Think (Black Hole BUZZ: Mason routs Loveland 61-34)

The final score of the Mason-Loveland game doesn’t really do a justice. Sure the Tigers put up 34 points and made it a lot closer in the second half but really ever since the Comets got off to their 9-0 run early in the first quarter, it was over.

The score doesn’t reflect the beginning of the game at all, Mason finished the first quarter up 26-3 and really the only way to describe the beginning of the game was embarrassment. That’s what it was like for the first 16 minutes of the game, Mason pretty much embarrassing the Tigers through a ferocious defensive effort (15 team steals) and a one handed dunk by senior Darin Harris that silenced the Loveland crowd and woke up the Mason crowd. You could say the Mason crowd needed to be woken up because another word to describe the beginning of the game was boredom, due to the constant scoring by the Comets.

44-8 at half was almost unbelievable, containing a team to under double digits in one half is definitely a lot more impressive than Mason’s usual goal of limiting teams to under 10 points per quarter, Mason totally shattered that goal against Loveland.

One of the biggest factors in the game and really what made this game embarrassing for Loveland was the size advantage Mason had over the Tigers. Loveland looked like a bunch of JV players and that is partially true because there is only one senior on the roster. Looking at the program before the game it showed that Loveland only has four players who have varsity experience and a team of short big men as their tallest starters were at 6’1” and 6’4”.

The height was an obvious factor in the game, Mason’s Harris and senior Michael Van Kleunen, both 6’5”, talented big men, showed off why they are two of the best in the GMC and why they didn’t really struggle against the Tigers “big front court.”

So looking at the final score, you can say that is very generous for Loveland because if you only saw the first half, you would definitely think the score was a typo.

-James Nosek