C The Numbers: 52-32 win against Milford

C The Numbers

20:  Mason defeated Milford by 20 points Thursday night (52-32)

40:  Seniors JD Sprague and Michael Van Kleunen combined for 40/52 points scored by the Comets (Sprague-22, Van Kleunen-18)

22:  Mason forced 22 turnovers against Milford off 12 steals

4th:  The 52-32 win against Milford gives the Comets their 4th straight win (They beat Fairfield, Columbus Mifflin and Loveland in the previous three games)

3:  Mason’s bench only contributed 3 points against Milford (Drew Matula had 2 points and Kevin Niehoff had 1 point)

52.4:  The Comets shot 22/42 (52.4%) from the floor. During the four game winning streak, including the win against Milford, Mason has shot 50% or higher in each game.

-James Nosek