Get Your Tickets Now: 5 games You Can’t Miss in the Month of January



With the boys’ varsity basketball team finishing the month of December with a 7-1 record, they are still looking for a GMC title and in the month of January, those goals won’t change. Here are the 5 games you can’t miss in January.

vs. Princeton: Tuesday January 24th (7:30)

NOS’ Angle: This game is what Mason is waiting for. This is will be the mid-season battle that could decide who is GMC champion. This game is right at the end of the month and this is a must win for the Comets. It is a Mason home game, it will be a crazy atmosphere and you would have to be sedated not to go to this game. Remember, this is the only game against Princeton, not like last year when they played twice, and if Mason were to win, it could decide their conference future.


@ Lakota West: Friday January 6th (7:30)

NOS’ Angle: This game is only a few weeks away and it will be a tough road game for not only the Comets, but I think any GMC team. West is currently first in the GMC but they are definitely not the best team in the conference. With that being said, Mason needs this win to boost their conference record because of their December loss to Middletown. This will be a close battle and it should be very exciting because of two great student sections.


vs. LaSalle: Tuesday January 10th (7:30)

NOS’Angle: LaSalle is the best team Mason will play this year, they are the defending state champions, but this game is ranked 3rd on the list because really if you think about it, this game has no meaning. LaSalle is an out of conference opponent and it will be very hard game to win for Mason. Obviously the GMC is ranked by conference record, not overall record, so if Mason were to lose to LaSalle it wouldn’t affect their GMC goals. Don’t get me wrong, Mason won’t play this game like “it doesn’t matter,” but this game will be more of a fun way to watch a really good LaSalle team and who could miss out on some Catholic School jokes by the Black Hole.


@Colerain: Tuesday January 31st (7:30)

NOS’ Angle: Sure Mason killed Colerain in their first meeting of the year but this will still be a GMC battle worth watching. I think Colerain is going to bounce back and don’t forget they did only lose to Princeton by seven earlier in the season, they are not as bad as you think. Mason will probably win the game but on the road, it will be a tough win to get because Colerain is tough gym to play in.


vs. Lakota East: Tuesday January 13th (7:30)

NOS’ Angle: If this game was taking place last year, this would be number one on the list but because East is down this year, it makes the last game on the list. With their whole starting line-up graduated and the heart of their team last year, East is a mire 2-5 this season and last in the GMC. Well, why would this be a good game? You never know, East will probably give Mason a battle and this will be a fun home game to go to. East probably has one of the best student sections in the GMC, so they will travel well, and Mason’s Black Hole I’m sure will show up to bicker with those East kids. So drop the homework for this weekday game and head to Mason arena for a good game.

vs.= Mason home game           @=Mason road game

-James Nosek