Mason- Sycamore Preview

If the Comets play the way they have on their eight-game winning streak, this game shouldn’t even be close. In every game of the streak Mason has shot 50% or better as a team and against the Aviators, that probably won’t change.

Mason seniors JD Sprague, Darin Harris and Michael Van Kleunen are all in the top ten in scoring among the GMC leaders and stopping all three has been a struggle for all of their opponents this year.

One thing the Aviators have is a little height; their leading scorer is AJ Williams, a 6’6” senior, who is averaging 11.1 ppg and 6.8 rpg. Either one of Mason’s bigs should be fine in stopping Williams as he struggles against pressure, which Mason will smother him in all game.

If you’re looking at stats only, Mason should win very easily. They are averaging around 61.6 points per game compared to Sycamore’s 46.8 points per game.

NOS’ Angle: Mason will pressure Sycamore and force a bunch of turnovers. I see this game out of hand in the first half because of the defense. The Comets need a good first half for some confidence in the first two quarters, something they have struggled through this year. Mason is just too much of a powerhouse on the offensive end to stop, Mason wins big.

-James Nosek