The “Kobe System” (Nosek Column)

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The “Kobe System” is more than a shoe– it’s a “Kobe” lifestyle

James Nosek | Press Box Perspectives Editor/Columnist

“What’s higher than the top of the charts,” multi-platinum rapper beckons in the new “Kobe System” commercial. “Can you put a ring on a ring?” star-USA soccer player Landon Donavon added.

They’re both great philosophical points, but does Lakers guard Kobe Bryant’s new innovative piece of athletic footwear make Richard Branson really feel the need to “buy a planet” as he says in the commercial. Probably not, but it did make a great point.

The new “Kobe System” is the seventh installment in Bryant’s Nike shoe collection as a hybrid; “two shoes in one,” mixing a low cut athletic shoe with a high top basketball performance shoe that has a built in ankle brace. Yes, I did say built in ankle brace. But come on, who cares about this stupid shoe? That is Kobe’s point and it’s mine as well.

Who cares about the shoes, it’s more than shoes; it’s a lifestyle, or at least Donavon thinks so.

In a teaser video in association to the commercial, it’s titled “adaptation,” and it basically shows Kobe switching the inserts of his new shoe and running around on a dark court. Fun right? And the ending is so Kobe.

“It’s all about you having to adapt,” is the closing statement as the screen fades to black.

For Kobe, it is about adapting, especially with his loads of recent problems, and trust me, a “you know what” was one. Mistresses, possible trade talks, no more Phil Jackson, a divorce, and my favorite, just being Kobe, are all issues that he has had to “adapt” to.

Now in his 15th season at the age of 33, Kobe is hitting the decline that every superstar athlete hits at this point in his career, even if last week Ric Bucher did rank him the top NBA right now. But really, Kobe doesn’t care about all that banter, he’s already done everything he needs to, even if catching up to Michael Jordan in the ring department is his obvious obsession.

The “Kobe System” isn’t more than a well thought out ad campaign, but for Kobe Bryant and everyone who joins in as well, the “Kobe System” is what you make of it, just like the multiple celebrities in the commercial.

The new shoe might not make your jump shot any better or help you get on your high school basketball team but who knows, it might make you want to “do stand-up in a volcano,” like Aziz Ansari, it’s whatever you want it to be.

(This column was published in the January 20th edition of The Chronicle Student Newspaper)

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From and nike basketball (no copyright infringement intended)

From and nike basketball (no copyright infringement intended)