Press Box Perspectives at 2012 NFL Experience in Indianapolis (Photo Gallery)

Here is a photo gallery of the February 3rd NFL experience in the Indiana Convention Center. All photos taken by Press Box Perspectives editor/columnist James Nosek.

“The Gate-way to fun”

“A little crazier”

“2-hour wait for a shank field goal?”

“Free snickers”

“Sign him up”

“All about the John Hancock’s”

“Marcus Dixon needs to ice that arm”

“Chilling area”

“Play 60 time”

“Our future league”

“The field”

“Always could use a little history”

“I’d run over my own mother to win the Super Bowl”


“Goodell loves the kids”

“And he loves the history nuts”

“Chris Carter even turned it down”

“Through the mesh-vine”

“45 dollar hats? Come on”

“Lines, lines and more lines”

“Manning and Brady couldn’t hit 3 out of 3”

“The off-season starts now… at the Super Bowl”

“NFL Network barging in and taking over everything”

“NFL and Make a Wish Foundation, what a match-up”

“Sucks to be the lights guy… Make a Wish is a great organization”

“Just like the old days’

“He really wanted an autograph…. wonder why?”

“Greg Jennings… best WR in the leauge?”

“Lucky fan putting the team on his back”

“Marley’s a purple people eater”