What a Senior Night


James Nosek | Press Box Perspectives Editor/Columnist

What a great game, really it was. Senior night is always a great atmosphere for high school basketball but come on, if you missed it, you really missed a hell of a game.

And it wasn’t just Mason winning that made it so special; it was the way they won that made it fun to watch. Sure senior JD Sprague had a career high 28 points on senior night, which is crazy, but the whole team really put on a show.

Especially, before half time when both Middletown and Mason went absolutely nuts hitting five combined three pointers in less than a minute’s worth of time. It was back and forth and back and forth. It was electric and that’s the only word to describe it.

You want to know what also was electric, Mason’s fourth quarter which was highlighted by three and-one layups by senior Tim Reale, senior JD Sprague and junior Connor McVey. That really got everyone out of their seats. I just loved looking over to the bench after McVey’s and-one and seeing head coach Greg Richards look the other way and put his fist up. You could hear him mouth the words “yes.”

And really that was the theme of the game, “yes.”

Now I know it’s cliché to say but I have to do it.

The win was special for the seniors more importantly. The last time they will be able to put on a Mason jersey in the arena. It’s cliché but it’s needed.

Also, I respect this senior class a whole lot too. These guys are all best friends and they worked so hard in the off-season.

“I’m just happy for these seniors,” Richards said after the game. “They have put the work in, not just since November, but since last March, and they deserve this for themselves, not for anybody else.”

It is obvious to see a different mind-set from this senior class compared to last season’s. And I won’t name names but let me just put it this way: last year lacked chemistry. But not the current Comets, they strive with chemistry and that’s why I respect a big win on senior night. (Hey I’m also a senior too)


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