The Battle of the Manning Brothers (Nosek Column)

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Which Manning Will the Media Marry?

James Nosek | Press Box Perspectives Editor/Columnist

Theoretically speaking, let’s say the Manning brothers are not married men any more.

Eli and Peyton are recently coming off divorces and are looking for love once again. (Sorry Eli.) Ladies, take your pick. Who ya got?

Now, that topic might be a toss-up, as I’ve asked multiple girls, and it seems like it could go both ways, but the bigger question is who would the media marry? That is unsure as well considering that every episode of Sports Center doesn’t just feature one Manning, but both of them. Overall though, at the moment, you have to go with Eli as the media’s golden gem.

Sure, Eli and his Giants just won the Super Bowl, but did that steal the headlines away from Peyton and his neck injury in any other place besides the big apple? That’s up for you to decide, but just days after Super Bowl Sunday I was already hearing Eli-Hall of Fame talk.


But think about it though, he’s a perfect target for attention. He’s this shy and under-the-radar confident football player, who has persevered through two championship winning seasons with the Giants, and one-upped his brother in the ring department. Eli has started to burst out of the neglected spot light he has been behind regarding Peyton. Or has he?

Eli you know is a lock to stay in New York for possibly the rest of his life, but the other Manning is in a different situation. What if he went to the New York Jets, like few current reports are suggesting? That would be two Mannings in the same crazy city. Could New York handle it? I know the Post and Daily News could, that’s for sure.

So in reality, it doesn’t matter if both can or cannot win over the ladies or the media, these two are a duo that has revolutionized the NFL as of late. Eli might be dominating the headlines and media attention at the moment, rightfully so, he deserves it after winning another championship, but if you step back and look at the big picture, it’s not one Manning brother who over powers the sports world, really it’s the two of them that are complementing each other, if they know it or not.

And that makes sense right? The female population can’t decide on whom they like better, and really that’s the media’s problem as well.

(This column was published in the February 17th edition of The Chronicle Student Newspaper)