James Nosek | Press Box Perspectives Editor/Columnist

You know Kris Humphires? Yeah that goof ball was booed and booed. The Chicago fans didn’t like him that much I guess. Really though, that was his problem with all NBA fans. But you know what he did to just shut everyone up? He just kept scoring and rebounding.

I was able to go see my Bulls play February 18 live at the UC when they played Humphries’ Nets. But of course the only bummer was Derrick Rose didn’t play that night, just my luck. The Bulls ended up losing the game but it was a great experience, I was three rows back from the court. Our seats were tucked right behind the Nets’ bench and the cool thing was my Aunt, who lives in Chicago, messaged us saying she saw us on WGN.

I have an alright memory, not the best in the world, but I do remember staring at those horrendous looking Nets jerseys. They were this bright, bold red color and the blue outlining I hated even more. As a Bulls fan, I guess that’s the only red that matters. You know the saying, “oh, I hope I never have to see those ever again.” Well, fast forwarding to today, that saying came true. Back in late April, the Nets finally made the transition to Brooklyn, New York. They are no longer the New Jersey Nets. That has been about a multi-year process but it’s nice that it finally materialized.

But going back to the topic of jerseys…

Well, they are pretty sweet, and innovative (if jerseys can even be innovative). Jay-Z, who is a multi-platinum rapper and part owner of the Nets, ran the marketing decisions for the new logo, color scheme and jerseys. And really it’s not that creative at all. Its so old school, Bill Russell would be like “what the hell.” Literally the colors are black and white. And the logo is just a white basketball with a big “B” in the middle. Although, the new theme of the Nets is probably the blandest and most random in all of sports, I like the switch. It is something so different than what we are accustomed to. Especially, when you look at those annoying jerseys the Oregon Ducks have.

Now, I’m not a big Jay-Z fan (or a big rap fan in general) at all but I think he added a little ghetto twist to this team. And for a franchise that has really struggled since the Jason Kidd days, I think it was time for a change. Also, give Jay-Z some credit as well because the NY Post ripped him to shreds, using the “N” word.

According to the Nets press release in early May, their merchandise was the top selling NBAstore.com and the NBA store on 5th avenue. Not to mention they will play at the Barclays Arena and looking at pictures of the finished arena, it is so sick.

I’m not a Nets fan at all, but if I was, I would be happy with the new direction they are going. It is symbolized by the change in apparel, sort of. So, next time I see the #HELLOBROOKLYN Nets play live, I won’t have to sit through two and a half hours of those ugly red jerseys. Plus that means the Nets Dancers will wear the new jerseys as well and that’s what I’m looking forward to.

Here’s two other videos of the new #HELLOBROOKLYN campaign

Jay-Z on Good Day New York talking about his Nets

New Nets commercial put on team’s youtube channel

(All videos from youtube.com)